“Native Mainers, we met in high school in Sanford. After that, we both attended UMaine Farmington and were married before our senior year in college.” Kerri, teaches English for adults and Tyler works for a bank, and they have two adorable children. “Our favorite part of being parents is watching the development of their minds and the way they love each other. Our kids have formed such a strong bond. Our son is one of the most enthusiastic dancers in the Tiny Hip Hop class at Messiah’s dance studio ministry called SonDance. It’s such a godly environment for our little boy and he couldn’t love it more.”

This past year, Kerri had a cancerous tumor removed from her neck. “Jesus has helped me this year by healing me in ways I didn’t even know were possible both physically and emotionally. He has built my strength and faith this year more than any other. The church has helped us with their generosity and support and shared their prayers. And Tyler has been my rock; he is so supportive and loving, encouraging and always there.”

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