We moved to Wells in connection with Brandon’s Coast Guard assignment. Having played competitive basketball all our lives, we were looking for a place to play. How unlikely to find a basketball league at a local church but that is how we first got connected to Messiah. When we first arrived, we believed we had it all figured out. We were living according to the standards of the world and our relationship with God had taken a back seat to getting all we could get for ourselves! Through Messiah, Jesus showed us that we were missing an important piece of the puzzle: love. This was not the fairy tale, honeymoon kind of love, but the powerful, forgiving and everlasting love that God shows to us. Messiah is not just a building. We are a group of people with God as our focus, who will ask you how we can help you even when you think you don’t need help! We have been broken and love to offer ourselves as the shattered pieces that God has used to create a beautiful church family.

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