Sarah grew up in central Maine and came down to Southern Maine with my four kids. She says, “The hardest part of my journey has been overcoming my destructive attitudes. I was raised in such a rough environment that I had become very internal, independent and isolated. I had learned to trust myself alone and to rely on myself without regard to God or my church family.” Sarah came to Messiah during a period of crushing depression that had paralyzed her. “I walked in with my walls up, barricaded behind a huge cement barrier. Trusting God or anyone else was impossible. But slowly, as I felt the unconditional love of Jesus in and through the people, I started to trust enough to be more vulnerable and authentic. Now Sarah can accept the help. “The Messiah family is always reaching outband helping me. Now I know that Jesus has been helping me all along by putting people in my life to remind me that I have others around me to support me.”

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