Karen, a teacher, and Michael, an auto mechanic, were both recovering from divorce when they decided to seek some support by attending Messiah’s Divorce Care group. That was back in 1999 when Karen had just moved to Maine from Virginia. Dealing with similar problems, we became friends and stayed that way for several years before I (Karen) would ever even consider going out with Michael. “I was not the least bit interested in any man; I was going to go alone. I needed God’s help and not a man’s help.” But slowly, Jesus was helping us by bringing us to the same place at the same time and, in 2002, we were married. God put love and joy in our heart for one another and has blessed our marriage.”

They said, “Messiah has been a foundational piece in our lives. It has welcomed us with open arms and given us support and prayer for our families and my son and sisters. They have loved us and understood us, even in the hardest times.” Recently, Karen went on one of Messiah’s foreign missions’ trips, “It was life changing. I thought I was going there to share the joy and love Jesus put in my heart and I thought that was my goal, but the people who we visited were the ones to bless me with their love and joy.”

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