In 1988, our church was planted by our current and founding Pastor Dan Moore and his wife, Rosemary.  Their vision was for a loving and warm, interdenominational church where people would grow into loving, mature and equipped followers of Christ and are then deployed for the sake of family, community and global transformation.  Messiah pursues this vision through its generous, creative and deeply entrepreneurial spirit; we identify needs and develop creative ways to meet them.  

If you are interested in making an impact on the kingdom through Messiah, please contact our search consultant, Vanderbloemen at this LINK.

The current church membership is composed of 200+ active year-round, summer and virtual congregants who represent every demographic group. Our mantra, “Where People Grow,” captures our focus on spiritual growth through our unique discipleship initiatives. New folks who come in are understood and accepted for where they are in their own spiritual journey, and then, if they desire, they join into a spiritual growth process that is right for them. It sounds cliché to say that a church is a family, but it’s really so true about Messiah. The church is poised for expansion and as a result of its focus on spiritual growth, a strong foundation of mature, unified believers with a clear vision has been laid.

The current church building sits on 22 acres on Route One on the Wells/Kennebunk line right along Maine’s breathtaking seacoast, and includes a 200-seat sanctuary, fellowship and prayer areas, numerous classrooms and prayer rooms and a fully equipped recreation center.

Messiah Christian Church provides robust opportunities for spiritual and personal growth as well as community outreach. 

In addition to programming for people of all ages and stages of life, Messiah Christian Church offers a fully equipped Recreation/Fitness Center complete with gym, workout facilities, and a highly regarded dance studio (Sondance Academy) that serves hundreds of people every week and is a major outreach initiative of MCC. Information on these Outreach Ministries and more can be found at and

More information about the ministry programming  at Messiah Christian Church can be found at

Weekend Programming

Worship Services are help in person and online on Sundays at 9:30AM 

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About the Senior Pastor

Our Senior Pastor will be welcomed, supported, and encouraged to build on the strong foundation of our mature and growing church. Messiah’s ministries and congregation have grown during COVID, and there is momentum and energy to move to the next level of ministry under our next prayerful, strong, creative, and relational servant leader. We need a vulnerable leader who embraces our vision for equipping, discipleship, and our motto, “Where People Grow” because they agree with this fundamental belief: anyone can and will be transformed by Jesus. Our Senior Pastor will know that we are all a mess, that not one of us is perfect, better, or clean, and will stand amazed at the transformation power of Jesus Christ in our midst. Our Senior Pastor must be called to New England and be excited about seeing the church on mission to our community, including through our Recreation Center. We are looking for a Senior Pastor who has a current mentor or spiritual accountability and will continue to walk alongside others in their spiritual journey. The Senior Pastor must have a strong track record of deep, expositional preaching of the Word of God with relevance and vibrancy. The Senior Pastor will work collaboratively and effectively at all levels of the church. Our church is extremely relational; the expectation is that our new pastor will love people and be able to shepherd them well. 

Goals and Expectations

The Senior Pastor will:

  • Lead our efforts to fulfill our vision and mission innovatively and enthusiastically. They will lead it through our ministry leadership teams, staff, and congregation to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity God has given Messiah to reach New England.
  • Deliver vibrant, relevant, creative, and deep exegetical and expositional sermons and teaching.
  • Have their own personal journey with the Holy Spirit and be mentored by a more mature believer; desiring more of Jesus, they have been self-reflective in order to cultivate an intimacy with Jesus and develop a deep dependence upon the Holy Spirit for guidance. They know that shepherds cannot lead others where they have not traveled. 
  • Be a proven shepherd – warm, loving, and caring for the sheep.
  • Set the tone for a relational, family church where everyone is welcomed and loved.
  • Participate actively in our life-on-life discipleship program by laboring in the lives of a few with the intention of imparting his life, God’s Word, and the gospel in such a way as to see disciples become mature and equipped followers of Christ, committed to doing the same in the lives of others.
  • Understand the local culture, especially New England spiritual dynamics, and have a deep desire to connect with unchurched people, invite them into a relationship with Jesus, and disciple them to maturity in Christ. 
  • Develop innovative, creative, and effective evangelistic strategies to be involved in the local community; has experience in meeting with local and community leaders and has a desire to use our Recreation Center as a way to reach the community.
  • Take the lead in assimilating new people into the church through inviting them to engage with them and their family in a variety of ways. 
  • Be a team builder, proactively inspiring, recruiting, training, deploying, monitoring, and nurturing both staff and volunteers to serve inside and outside the church for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up. 

Qualifications of our new Senior Pastor

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Senior Pastor:

Education & Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree and completion or pursuit of Master’s level work is desired, as well as demonstration of a lifetime of growing intimacy with Jesus, personal exegetical study, and the experience of being discipled and discipling others. 
  • Has five to ten years of experience in church, parachurch, or other ministry with ever-increasing responsibility and growth. We are open to a person who is currently non-vocational but who has past experience as a pastor and who has extensive experience in leadership, preaching, and teaching in their local church. 
  • Has current examples of being in an accountable, discipleship relationship with another Christ-follower and providing that kind of discipleship relationship to others.
  • The Senior Pastor’s family must be supportive of pastoral ministry.  
  • Above all things, the Senior Pastor must know that they are called to lead Messiah Christian Church and embrace its current vision of spiritual growth, while also envisioning the future, firmly rooted in the conviction that, with God, all things are truly possible. 
  • They must also possess theological doctrine and core values (we call them our Stakes in the Ground) that match those held by  Messiah Christian Church.

Personal Characteristics

  • Our Senior Pastor is a “contagious Christian” who is a personable and dynamic communicator who is able to combine extensive ministry and life experience with an ability to connect with a wide age span of people.
  • Has a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ and love for God’s church. 
  • Must be relational, take a vested interest in walking alongside each individual, and minister through means of counseling, fellowshipping, discipling, and prayer.
  • Is hospitable and looks for ways to connect with others and desires to get to know them through various creative ways. 
  • Leads innovatively with a servant’s heart exemplifying the humility and attitude of Christ and has a proven track record of being a self-starter and goal-oriented worker with an ability to recruit, retain, and equip leaders, staff, and members.
  • Is humble, authentic, and willing to do the hard work of personal spiritual formation in their own life. 
  • Is an example to the church in how they lead, love, and care for their own family consistent with the teachings of God’s Word. 
  • Fiscally wise steward of both personal and church resources and lives generously and compellingly encourages a spirit of generosity in others. 

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If you are interested in making an impact on the kingdom through Messiah, please contact our search consultant, Vanderbloemen at this LINK