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Youth Discipleship

Discipleship is for kids too! 

It is the process where growth, maturity and development happen as a follower of Christ. It's not a Bible study, a social circle or a small group. Throughout the Bible, the lesson of discipleship is evident as we see leaders taking a small group of people around him or her and pouring his or her life into them. The most recognizable model of discipleship is Christ as He spent three years walking alongside of and experiencing life with His apostles. What separates discipleship at Messiah from other small groups is an intentionality towards life-on-life missional discipleship and focus on the process of maturity.

 When: Our youth meet in life on life discipleship groups every week. We are intentional about their growth into loving, mature and equipped followers of Christ who impact their families, community and globe. 

Who: We are blessed to have many (Grade 7-12) teens who are considering vocational ministry as well as secular careers where they feel they can make a difference for Christ. 

 What: Our teens are visible and impactful servants in the church and the community. Each month they participate in a community service project and work on a Messiah Team that serves during the weekend service in the Children's Ministry. 

See the Youth Calendar for more information!