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Spiritual Milestones

As part of our vision to make and deploy loving, mature and equipped followers of Jesus, spiritual milestones are important to us at Messiah and give your children the teaching and experience of moving ahead in their spiritual growth.

Infant Dedication: Parents present their child to our congregation for dedication to the Lord and their commitment to bring the child up in the admonition and love of Christ.

Communion Instruction: Communion instruction is given on consecutive Sundays followed by a celebratory service. Children whose parents feel they are ready to gain the understanding of communion, prepare to and receive communion for the first time.


Confirmation: Youth whose parents feel they are ready to affirm their personal faith in Jesus Christ, meet consecutive Sundays followed by a celebratory service. This class is for those who wish to affirm their Christian beliefs. An overview of some major theological concepts and ideas will help achieve the goal of a firm understanding of their faith in order to be faithful witnesses to the gospel. This is a wonderful opportunity for those youth who want to prepare themselves prior to baptism.

Water Baptism is an important milestone in a Christian's life and we encourage our youth to be baptized upon making their profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

True Love Waits is a ceremony for youth and their parents. These teens have attended Pam Stenzel's series on sexual purity and have agreed to remain sexually pure until marriage.