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Reaching our Community

Our main outreach as a church is called Faith In Action. Each month, the entire church leaves from Sunday service to serve our community. In November, we raked leaves, cleaned houses, served free coffee and visited nursing homes,. In December, we provide holiday baskets and then on Christmas Eve, we delivered free donuts and coffee to those who have to work on that night. In January, we delivered soup to 70 homes and again in March, we made and delivered Easter baskets to those who needed Easter dinner.

Faith in action, picture of volunteers

God's grace is given to us freely, so we in turn give it away through acts of kindness and service that people can understand, perhaps nudging them a little bit closer to God. We show God's love to others by serving them in simple, practical ways with no strings attached -- from organizing free car washes to wrapping Christmas gifts for free to providing groceries to those in need.

Free coffee

In this way, we shine a light that illuminates God's goodness as part of a lifestyle of radical generosity. We seek to do the things we see the Father doing and to be obedient in building up a body of believers who are passionate about introducing people to Jesus.

Community action

And the best part?

God stays with us to make it happen, revealing more of who he is as we go about doing the things he did. So what do you say?

Let's go serve somebody!