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Messiah is blessed to have a loving and unified leadership team. They are humble and committed disciples who work together effectively to see our overall vision of making and deploying loving, mature and equipped followers of Jesus become a reality. Come and visit so we have a chance to welcome you! For Leadership bios click HERE

                  Keith Falta                                   Ruth Farnsworth                            Rosemary Moore
                 AV Ministry                                      Care Ministry                       Discipleship, Outreach & 

              Butch Farnsworth                             Linda Littell                                    Gary Littlefield
    Drama & Children's Sermon                Finance, Admin &                                 
Food Pantry
                                                                   Women's Ministry             

                    Mary Parker                               Steve Andrews                                   Eric Dagley
               Greeters, Users &                    Maintenance Ministry                       "MICAH" Ministry &
                 Altar Ministries                                                                                            Deacons

              Pastor Dan Moore                           Grace Littlefield                               Victoria Boulger
 Praise & Worship, Men's & ROC          Seniors Spirits, Divorce                         Youth Ministry
                    Ministries                                     & Grief Share

                   Dan Boulger