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SonDance Dance Class Schedule

Schedule of Classes for 2016-17 season



4:00-5:00-  Little Ballet I/Musical Theater Combo* (Ages 4.5-7)

5:00-5:45-  Little Hip Hop (Ages 4.5-7)


4:00-4:45-  Jr. Hip Hop (Ages 8-12)

5:00-5:45 - Jr. Jazz 
(Ages 8-12)

6:00-7:00- Ballet II (Beginner)** 

Adult Classes: 

6:00-7:00-Adult Hip Hop/Musical Theater*

7:00-8:15- Adult Lyrical

7:30-8:30-Ballroom (Fall only)*****


4:30-5:30- Sr. Hip Hop (13+)

4:30-5:30- Ballet III (Intermediate I)**

5:30-6:30- Jr. Hip Hop Competition Team (By Invitation Only)****

5:30-6:15-Sr. Jazz (13+)

6:45-7:45- Sr. Hip Hop Competition Team (By Invitation Only)****


4:00-4:30-Creative Movement (Ages 2.5-4.5)

4:30-5:15-Modern/Contemporary Outreach***

5:15-6:15: Ballet II (Beginner)**

5:15-6:15- Ballet Technique**

6:15-7:15- Ballet IV (Intermediate II - Ages 13+)**

6:15-7:15- Ballet V (Advanced)**

7:15-8:15- Production Piece 

8:15-9:00- Ballet VI Pointe**

Saturday Morning

9:45-10:30-Creative Movement (Ages 2.5-4)

10:30-11:30-Little Ballet I/Musical Theater Combo* (Ages 4.5-8)

*Musical Theatre is a dance genre that combines upbeat and fun characterized dance. It incorporates jazz technique with flavors of acting and expression! We are very excited to add this to our schedule this season.

**Placement in ballet is based on ability and not age. Therefore, Gamma, Miss Brie and Miss Kristen may shift a dancer between Ballet 1, 2 and 3 (beginner, intermediate and advanced) once they have had a chance to observe their ability and decide what class will best strengthen their dancing. Ballet 4 Advanced/Pointe class is geared for dancers who have had adequate ballet experience to get up on pointe and participate in the class. Gamma will make that decision. Ballet 5 is purely a technique class for those who are interested in strengthening their fundamentals of ballet.

***Our Outreach class brings joy and hope to those who might not otherwise be able to enjoy dance and the arts. We will be participating in community outreach events to nursing homes, homeless shelters and other venues. A schedule of performances will be released in February.      

 ****Participation in these classes is by invitation only. For existing SonDance dancers, invitations were extended in the spring. For new dancers to the studio, teachers will extend invitations in October, after a time to observe students and ascertain interest. At registration, please indicate your desire to participate on the competition team. To participate in comp teams, dancers must take the underlying dance discipline class and acrobatics.      

*****For Ballroom, please dress comfortably and casually.  Please wear shoes with a heel back preferably made of leather.  If it is raining or snowing and your feet will be wet, please bring a dry pair of shoes, as no wet shoes are allowed on the dance floor.