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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are the perfect first step to getting connected at Messiah. They provide places for people to develop relationships with one another and to have a group where they belong (to be known and to know others). Connect Groups are also intended to be fun, relaxed, and comfortable Christ-centered environments for you to invite and build relationships with your friends and neighbors and learn more about Jesus. Members of all ages, stages of life and spiritual maturity are welcome. 

Women's Ministry Gatherings: The Women's Ministry meets from the fall to the spring culminating the year in an annual retreat. Days of Prayer, fellowship dinners and other fun events are on the yearly calendar. Leaders: Linda Littell and Sandi Paul. 

Women's Book Club: Meets once a month in the evening and also during the day time. Led by Rosemary Moore

Men's Ministry Monthly Breakfast: Meets on the 3rd Saturday of the Month at 7:30PM for breakfast, a teaching and fellowship. Leaders: Butch Farnsworth and Steve Andrews

Senior Spirits Bible Study and Ministry: The Senior Spirits meet on Sunday at 8:30AM for a Bible study and then often throughout the month. Their main ministries are: The Pantry, a food pantry that serves our church and its friends and families, prayer shawls, and the Angel Bears that have been distributed to hundreds of people in need of comfort, hope and love. a craft fair to raise funds to support other Messiah ministries. Leaders: Gary and Grace Littlefiield.

Young Families Connect Gathering: Once a month, all of the families with young children get together to enjoy a meal, play with the kids and discuss a topic of interest. Leaders: Eric and Barb Dagley.

Dinner Circles: These monthly gatherings are solely for the purpose of friendship and provide a casual place to get to know people and engage and expose unchurched friends and family to the people of God.