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SonDance About Us

            Dancing That Makes A


Our History:

In 1996, a mom of a twirling three year old knew that this girl was born to dance. Her early dance years were filled with delight and blush colored tutus and all was sweet. Countless recitals came and went, but the mother noticed a shift over the years. The young girl’s costumes were shorter and tighter than before and the dance movements were inappropriate. Her mother knew the art of dance was a powerful gift and she wanted to be a part of bringing quality, wholesome dance to the Southern Maine community. With the help of like-minded parents, SonDance Academy was birthed in 2010! SonDance has been a safe and welcoming place for people of all ages-young and old- to experience growth through dance. We are currently headed into our 8th season of offering dance instruction to our local community and loving each year!

Our Vision:

To promote dancing that makes a difference in technique, character, and faith.

Our Mission:

How do we plan to accomplish our vision?

  1. Offering quality dance instruction from experienced teachers in jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, ballroom, musical theatre, and martial arts for ages 2-adult.
  2. Ensuring appropriate costumes and dance movement.
  3. Encouraging a fun and welcoming environment for dancers to learn and grow.
  4. Choreographing pieces that express truth, issues affecting our community and life with God.          

At SonDance, a typical class will begin with a prayer of dedication and then continue with stretching/warm up (barre), center work, across the floor and combinations. At SonDance, we aim to provide a safe, kind place for dancers to grow and find acceptance and belonging. SonDance instructors give their time and talents to our mission and vision and our hope is to care for each and every dancer alike. 


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